The Sleeper النائم

Artistic Practice
2017 ٢٠١٧
The Sleeper explores, in texts and drawings, the various bodily positions of refugees in the city.
Invited contributor with Hashem Adnan:
The sleeper in ‘Refugees as City-Makers’ publication,co-edited by M. Fawaz,A. Gharbieh,M. Harb and D. Salamé,AUB,Beirut.

Hiyakat al-Kalam (weaving Words)

Artistic Practice
2019 ٢٠١٩
Ḥiyakat al-Kalam (Weaving Words), is the first book in a new Young Readers series from New York University Press’s Library of Arabic Literature. The collection is made up of selections from the tenth-century tales of al-Tanukhi’s “Al-Faraj Ba’d al-Shiddah”. 
Editors: Enass Khansa and Bilal Orfali.

Bidayat بدايات

Identity Design / Editorial / Art Direction
since 2012
Bidayat (Beginnings) is a cultural quarterly launched from Beirut in 2012 shortly after the Arab Uprisings started, and conceived as a forum for economic, sociopolitical an cultural production and exchange aiming to better understand developments in the Arab World. Bidayat draws inspiration from the values of freedom and equality, and defends
peoples’ right to self-determination. Bidayat joins academic rigor, professional journalism and esthetic appeal and considers itself a workshop for artistic experimentation and graphic innovation. Our contributors are scientists, academics, writers, journalists, critics, artists and practitioners. We are particularly interested in studying the effects of globalization on state and society and to
follow movements of resistance, protest and change for democracy and social justice in our region and all over the world. Our other sections deal with memory and history, visual culture, literature, music and folklore. We distribute our print edition in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon and to independent bookshops in London, Paris, Berlin and Brussels.

Read all of our issues on: or find us on Facebook.

Kitab Al Hawamesh (The Book of Margins) كتاب الهوامش

2017 ٢٠١٧

Kitab Al Hawamesh, originally commissioned by the Beirut-based cultural art center Dar El Nimr in the context of its exhibition Midad, takes the form of a complimentary mass-produced book of 1000 copies 30 of which at a time stand on a bookshelf on the museum wall. Its content is driven by a research into the artefacts of the Rami Nimr collection, namely manuscripts, printed books and scribal objects, as well as through a research on the literature of manuscript practices.

At its core, this project intends to explore and reveal the incredible richness of the book as an artistic object in the Arab region through a historical investigation. It explores the materiality of the manuscript, challenges the authority of center and periphery, and animates this tension through narrative, illustration and graphic design. Ultimately it is a political project interested in inscribing current design practices within the rich history they belong to.

The book is currently on display at the Victoria & Albrt museum in London included in a shortlist of eight Jameel Prize finalists.

Cultural Exchange Rate


Team: Philippa Dahrouj,
Lama Charif
Cultural Exchange Rate is an interactive live art project in which artist Tania El Khoury shares her family memoirs of life in a border village between Lebanon and Syria. One marked by war survival, valueless currency collection, brief migration to Mexico, and a river that disregards the colonial and national borders.
The audience is invited to immerse their heads into one family’s secret boxes to explore the sounds, images, and textures of traces of more than a century of border crossings.
“Cultural Exchange Rate” is based on the artist’s recorded interviews with her late grandmother, oral histories collected in her village in Akkar, the discovery of lost relatives in Mexico City, and the family’s attempt to secure dual citizenship.
We have beeen responsible for the design, art direction and production of communication material, as well as a variety of graphics and print props for the performance.

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