The Unfinished Works of Kevork Kassarian 

The Unfinished Works of Kevork Kassarian /
The Story of The Man Who Inhabited His Shadow
is an interdisciplinary art exhibion, comprised of five different video installations: ‘The First Film’, ‘Bedouins Without Tents’ ‘A Choreography of Survival – The Warmth of Concrete’, ‘Monologue-Hounna’ and ‘Rehearsals in Departure’, in addition to a large printed catalogue entitled ‘A Fashion Catalogue of Transient Armies in Lebanon’. These unfinished artworks approach the details of life in Beirut in the 1980s, seeking to capture Beirut as the war broke out and dwelled in its buildings, in its living bodies before its dead ones, in an attempt to understand how war inhabits our world and dominates it outside the times of battle and away from its fire.

Script writer and Performer: Fadi Toufiq / Director: Hashem Adnan / Scenographer & Light Designer: Nadim Daibes / Sound designer: Jawad Chaaban / Voice: Rami Nihawi / Graphic Designer: Jana Traboulsi / Communication: be:kult / Production Manager: Shereen Suleiman / Producers: Fadi Toufiq & Hashem Adnan

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