She, her, them هي، هما، هن

Editorial, Artistic practice

‘Hiya, Huma, Hunna’ is a book in the form of a diary where Nadia, a disabled girl, narrates her adventures at school. In these two stories, the author tackles important issues related to physical handicap, including the gaze of others at difference, a topic rarely found in contemporary Arabic children’s literature. The design and illustrations of the book were conceived in conjunction with one another, and careful attention was given to the text/image relationship to convey particular meanings. In the medium of illustrated collages, the world inhabited by Nadia includes objects and visuals from school, scientific drawings, etc. The character’s handicap is symbolized by a key which replaces her incapacitated leg. The text is lettered by hand on the pages of lined or squared notebooks, with the aim of bringing to life Nadia’s voice.

‘Hiya Huma Hunna’ was shortlisted for the honor list of the ten best children’s books amongst the’ 101 book’ itinerant exhibition organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation.

Illustrations, Design, and Lettering: children’s book
Author: Nahla Ghandour, Al Khayyat Al-Saghir, Beirut, 2010.

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