Al-Masrad (A History of the Book in Lebanon) المسرد

Artistic Practice
Research and text : Hala Bizri. Book design by Jana Traboulsi. Design and production assistance: George Hanna, Philippa Dahrouj, Lama Charif. Copy Editor: Sarah Chahine. Binding: Khalil El Soueidy est.
How to Maneuver: Shape: shifting texts and other publishing tactics” (collective exhibition), 421 warehouse, UAE (2020); ‘How to Reappear: through the quivering leaves of independent publishing” (collective exhibition), Beirut Art Center (2019).
This book is a timeline of the Lebanese book: its writing and making, the factors that encourage it, the environment affected by and embracing it. The final book-object is an open format that leaves space for the reader to add additions and modifications, preserving the external format of a book but unfolding as a leporello that extends to the length of the timeline.