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Kitab Al-Hawamish (The Book of Margins) on show at the Centro Cultural La Moneda, Santiago de Chile ‘De poéticas a Políticas -  Premio Jameel’.
05/03/2022 > 03/07/2022
CCLM museum
Santiago Chile

دردشة ولقاءات حول كتاب
“عن أحوال كتب الأطفال”
اللي صدر مؤخرًا عن منشورات صنوبر
،بمكتبة السبيل ومكتبة صنوبر بيروت، بشارع مونو، بيروت

It’s Nice That feature about my work, by Dalia Al-Dujaili.
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Kitab Al-Hawamish (The Book of Margins) on show at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, before touring internationally: ‘Jameel Prize: Poetry to Politics’ showcases works by eight finalists shortlisted from over 400 applications.
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18/09/2021 > 28/11/2021
Victoria & Albert museum London UK

Bidayat بدايات at Minneapolis College of Art and Design Gallery as part of: Inner Structure —Outer Rhythms, Contemporary Arab and Persian Graphic Design
Curated by Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès, Photo credit: Rik Sferra.@Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès @Khatt Foundation @MCAD Gallery
01/09/2021 > 06/11/2021 MCAD Gallery Minneapolis USA

Kitab Al-Hawamish (The Book of Margins) in Creative Review.
 “One of my main revelations is how boring book design has become compared to what it was, and how uninteresting is the reading experience. Also, where I come from, our understanding of good design is very close to European Modernist design, as opposed to the very rich experience of reading we once had.”
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Creative Review

ARAB COMICS TODAY — The New Generation
As part of Beirut Comics Festival,  organised by Lyon BD, the Institut Français du Liban, the Sawwaf Arab Comics Initiative at AUB, and ALBA, the exhibition will bring together over 50 comic artists and collectives from across the Arab world.
07/10/2021 > 20/11/2021
Dar el Nimer